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All 5 Red Color Stripe and Cover Blue Color Stripe and Cover
Grey Color Stripe and Cover Khaki Stipe and Khaki Cover Brown Stripe and Black Cover

St Crawford Compact 44” Umbrella

Silver Handle and Color Stripe with Matching Cover,
Windproof Auto Open/Close with LED LIGHT

$42.95 plus shipping & handling

These are the new model and look similar to the other 6 styles like this one, but this handle is smoother and rounder. You choose this style or the other. They're both great. Same size, weight, etc. Eliminates one of the blacks from the other model. And from the other tan color to this khaki color. Primarily the handle on this one is silver. The other is black. Which do you like better? This is the only place this umbrella is offered on the net.

St Crawford Umbrella with an LED flashlight in the bottom of the handle which, if desired, separates and can be used in one hand with the umbrella in the other. When finished just screw it back into the bottom of the handle. 44" Wide Windproof Auto Open/Close Canopy. 12" long when closed.

Weighs about a pound. Unlimited warranty offered. Every color listed is in stock and is shipped from Los Angeles, California the same day ordered. This is considered the Super Mini Compact. High grade polyester fabric..

There are Five colors; Red, Blue, Grey, Khaki and Black. All have easy/comfort grip Silver handles with a color band of the fabric color on them and matching Covers. Each umbrella has the carry string on the LED light and all colors have a black string.

Remember, the LED light is able to be separated from the umbrella for freedom of use. Aim it in any direction while walking. Red fabric, red circular band. Blue fabric, blue circular band. Etc.

These umbrellas are ready to be used immediately as the battery is already installed in the LED flashlight. When the battery eventually goes out on you it is easily replaceable wherever batteries are sold. Waterproof LED light.

100% Unquestioned Warranty. High Grade Pongee Polyester Fabric.

For corporate bulk orders I will provide a corporate discount. Please inquire. If you have a logo which you want put on the umbrella, I can do it.

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